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Penetrate rusted parts and Lubricate

ACL Lubricant "Protect valuable assets, reduce maintenance costs and avoid expensive downtime when equipment has seized."

ACL LUBRICANT is a multi-purpose product designed to displace moisture, penetrate rust and lubricate otherwise inaccessible places and parts.

Need a lubricant that is non-toxic
and keeps machine finished surfaces
moisture-free and corrosion free?

Want to save money on costly maintenance?

Try our guaranteed treatment.

ACL Lubricant      
ACL Lubricantâ„¢ from Liquid Engineering.

ACL is a safe, easy and highly effective penetrating lubricant.

"By far the finest penetrant"

Indefinite Shelf Life
Non-toxic and safe
Spray or brush on to areas
Can be used as a bath


ACL is a multi-purpose product that displaces moisture, penetrates rusted parts and lubricates otherwise inaccessible places and engine parts. ACL stops annoying squeaks, cleans surfaces and protects them from corrosion.

"Seized corroded bolts on a 13 year old Mack Truck would not loosen using existing products. The last resort was removing the bolts by cutting and snapping.  ACL was applied and allowed to penetrate. After five minutes the bolts were able to be removed using conventional methods."  Case Study.

ACL protects valuable assets, reduces maintenance costs and avoids expensive downtime when equipment has seized. ACL does not dry out or become sticky or wash off with water.

Safe, Non-Toxic and
Environmentally Responsible

ACL applied by spraying, brushing or soaking will be effective on troublesome items such as rusted nuts and bolts. Works well as a chain lubricant and a cutting oil for lathe work. Works in milling, grinding and wherever metals are honed.

We Offer A Money Back Guarantee,


Appearance Clear brown mobile liquid
Odour Slightly oily
pH Neutral
B.P. / M.P. >200 degrees / <0 degrees Celcius
Flash point >70 degrees Celcius
Application Spray or brush onto area to be treated. Can be used as a bath
Electrically Non-conductive
Safety Spillages may be slippery
Poisons Schedule Non-toxic
Shelf Life Indefinite

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