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Company Profile

Liquid Engineering was formed in 1990. On the 3rd of October 2001, Liquid Engineering converted to a Public Company "Liquid Engineering Limited".

The company was sold and now operates as Liquid Engineering.

The Company's strategy is the emphasis on the Development, Manufacture and Testing of a range of environmentally responsible and thoroughly tested products.

In November 1993, the business gained Quality Assurance Accreditation to Australian Standard AS 3902, International Standard ISO 9000 and was accredited Quality Management System Standards ISO 9002-1994 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.

Liquid Engineering has always had a strong marketing plan, creating a company identity which people can associate with their cost effective and environmentally responsible products.  Product Quality, technical support and customer service are the core elements of the successful marketing plan.

In keeping with these ideas, Liquid Engineering has recently expanded into the food hygiene industry with the Choice range of products. Allowing Liquid Engineering to provide efficient, economically viable solutions to the problems encountered within the industry.

From its modest beginning the business has established an Australian and International distribution network covering over 20 countries and now produces several specialist products. Liquid Engineering sales not only include Government departments but some of the largest companies operating in the world.