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Remove Grease Safely

Rust "Strong enough to degrease engines and transmissions, safe enough to clean barbeque plates"

Exit Grease is a non-caustic, water soluble, heavy duty general purpose cleaner for the removal of grease.

Looking for a degreaser that is non-caustic and easy to apply?
Need to displace the heaviest of grease?
Like to use a cleaner that is environmentally responsible and safe ?

Try our guaranteed industrial strength degreaser.

Exit Grease      
Exit Greaseā„¢ from Liquid Engineering.

Exit Grease is a safe, easy and highly effective degreaser.

Easy application through brush or spraying.

Indefinite Shelf Life
Safe On Food Preparation Areas

EXIT GREASE is an all-purpose degreaser. Solventless, it is widely used on workshop floors and factory walls. Non-silicated, Exit Grease is commonly used with great effect around truck engine compartments, chassis, transmissions and workshop areas. Exit Grease may be used on the heaviest grease and is easily applied by brush. Works effectively, penetrating deeply after just one minute and can be hosed off with a strong jet of water.

Safe, Non-Caustic, Water Soluble and
Environmentally Responsible

EXIT GREASE Can be diluted and used through pressure washers, steam cleaners and automatic scrubbers. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

We Offer A Money Back Guarantee,


UN Number None allocated
DG Class None allocated
Hazchem Code None allocated
Poisons Schedule None allocated
Use Solvent-free, heavy duty degreaser for  equipment, machinery and hard surfaces.
Appearance Blue mobile liquid
pH 9 - 10.5

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