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A Fuel Treatment That's Guaranteed

'Fuel Contaminating Bugs' "Once fuel bugs become established, they will double in population every 20 minutes".

Having poor fuel economy?
Are your engines seals, hoses and connectors swelling & blistering?
Pumps & Injectors corroding easily?
Fuel Filters, Fuel Lines and Gauges Clogging?

Care about what this is costing you in fuel consumption and maintenance?

Here is the proven, simple, cost effective ANSWER to clean your fuel systems and increase efficiency.

Fuel Set      
Fuel Setâ„¢ from Liquid Engineering.

Just one capful will treat an average automobile or boat's engine.

"the eighth wonder of the world as far as truck operators are concerned"
- Truckin' Life.

"the fantastic new fuel treatment"
- Fishing News.

Fuel Set eliminates the source of most engine problems -  moisture in fuel.  Left untreated water separates from fuel and provides an environment for fungi to grow.   These fuel bugs live and multiply in the fuel/water and feed off hydrocarbons in the fuel.

You can stop this happening and save money NOW.

Micro-organisms will consume rubber gaskets, O-rings, hoses, tank linings and coatings in an effort to obtain their mineral content.  Fuel bugs pose a major threat to equipment. They can double in population every 20 minutes, eventually they will form a mat of black, brown or green slime, which poses a serious hazard to both equipment and storage facilities. To treat problems of degraded fuel (poor fuel economy) clogged fuel filters, fuel lines and gauges, corroded pumps and injectors, swelled and blistered washers, hoses and connectors use ...

Marine Engineers Review"the result is smoother running, easier starting, safer operation plus the fact that around 10% less fuel is used" - Marine Engineers Review

It removes the moisture the 'bug' needs to survive, it then helps to disperse the lumps of 'bug', significantly reducing clean up time and with regular use protects against this costly and annoying problem.

Don't Believe Us ?
We Offer A Money Back Guarantee,

Off Road & 4 Wheel Drive"Typical fleet savings are enormous: a 10% reduction in the weekly fuel bill can amount to thousands of pounds more than the modest cost of the Fuel Set used to achieve them" - Off Road & 4 Wheel Drive U.K.


pH neutral Fuel Set is pH neutral and contains no hydrocarbons, sulphur, phosphorus, nitrogen or metallic ingredients.
Normal Conditions Under normal conditions of combustion it will burn to form CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H20 (water).
Hydrocarbon fuels Used in Hydrocarbon fuels it causes the fuel to burn more efficiently with a consequent fuel saving and a significant reduction in harmful emissions.

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We will be more than happy to answer any queries you have about Fuel Set