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Product Range

Liquid Engineering Products are proven safe, cost effective and backed by our specialized customer support. Scroll down to view our entire range or select from the area/industry that best suits.


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Material Safety Data Sheets for our products are available for download in PDF format.

FUEL SET Fuel System Conditioner
A fuel conditioner for diesel and petrol engines, both fuel injected and aspirated. Fuel Set is a powerful, cost effective additive. 15 ml will treat an average automobile's engine (1:4000 dose rate). Importantly, Fuel Set eliminates the source of most engine problems - water in fuel.  Left untreated water separates from fuel and provides an environment for fungi to grow.   Through the engine's combustion process water also causes gums, resins and other contaminates to separate and foul fuel systems. Fuel Set eliminates these problems saving you money on fuel usage and engine maintenance as well as reducing harmful emissions. Ideal for marine and automotive applications. Save On Maintenance
Prolong Engine Lifespan
Reduce Emissions

Save Money!

Fuel Set

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EXIT RUST Rust Converter
The breakthrough technology that produced water based rust converter Exit Rust means we no longer have to accept destructive rust as a costly price to pay for using metal. Exit Rust works wherever there is rust. Industry and the general public, long resigned to rust as the costly downside to metal equipment and components, now have a real and effective alternative.  Exit Rust dramatically cuts the staggering waste of materials and resources and significantly lowers equipment replacement costs.

Exit Rust is environmentally responsible and has been approved for use in such areas as food storage. Great application in Agricultural, Mining, Shipping and Manufacturing industries.

Eliminate Rust Easily
Lower Replacement Costs
Reduce Preparation Time
Ease Of Application
Works in 6 to 24 Hours

Save Time & Effort!

Exit Rust

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CORRO DIP Corrosion Dissolver
As an alternative to traditional acid baths Corro Dip removes rust and all corrosion from surfaces, leaving just the base metal to work with. Non-hazardous, the process is achieved in a water-based solution and, remarkably, is biodegradable. Corro Dip will not harm glass, rubber or plastic and will only remove paint where corrosion exists beneath the paint. Corro Dip enables discarded tools and bolts to be recycled to a useable condition.

Corro Dip is a concentrated liquid that can be used over and over again. Removes all scale and blistered material and leaves clean, metal surfaces ready for welding, drilling or painting.

Alternative To
Acid Baths
Eliminate Rust
Eliminate Corrosion
5 to 20 Hours Reaction

Effective & SAFE

Corro Dip
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EXIT GREASE Industrial Strength Degreaser
Exit Grease is an all-purpose degreaser. Solvent-less, it is widely used on workshop floors and factory walls. Non-silicated, Exit Grease is commonly used with great effect around truck engine compartments, chassis, transmissions and workshop areas. Exit Grease may be used on the heaviest grease and is easily applied by brush. Works effectively, penetrating deeply after just one minute and can be hosed off with a strong jet of water.

Can be diluted and used through pressure washers, steam cleaners and automatic scrubbers. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-corrosive.


Multi Purpose

Exit Grease
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LEMOSOL Cleaner & Odour Remover
Lemosol is a 100% non-toxic and biodegradable natural product which is used as a multi-purpose cleaner and odour controller. Through a natural biodegradable process, Lemosol breaks down grease, oil and organic waste and destroys unwanted odour the instant it is applied.

Lemosol contains waste digesting enzymes that occur naturally and are not harmful to the environment.  These enzymes are flushed away through sewage or septic systems, to land or sea, returning to the environment they came from.

It is a highly efficient treatment ideal for kitchen, laundry and toilet areas, greasy and smelly floors, animal or pet areas, septic systems and drains.

100% Non-toxic
Citrus Scented
Safe for food
Preparation Areas

Efficient Cleaner &
Odour Controller

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ACL LUBRICANT Anti-Corrosion Lubricant
ACL is a multi-purpose product that displaces moisture, penetrates rusted parts and lubricates otherwise inaccessible places and engine parts. ACL stops annoying squeaks, cleans surfaces and protects them from corrosion.

ACL protects valuable assets, reduces maintenance costs and avoids expensive downtime when equipment has seized. ACL does not dry out or become sticky or wash off with water.

ACL applied by spraying, brushing or soaking will be effective on troublesome items such as rusted nuts and bolts. Works well as a chain lubricant and a cutting oil for lathe work. Works in milling, grinding and wherever metals are honed.

Treat's Seized Parts
Keeps Surfaces
Moisture Free &
Corrosion Free
Acts As A Lubricant

Reduces Maintenance
Save On Equipment

ACL Lubricant

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BIG WASH Powerful Cleaner
Big Wash is a non-caustic, solvent-less degreasing detergent, is biodegradable and contains powerful high-foam surface-active agents and emulsifiers for the rapid removal of all types of dirt and grime from all types of surfaces.

It is a highly efficient streak-free cleaner for hand or machine washing of farm machinery, cars, trucks and buses.

Efficient Streak Free
Powerful Rapid Remover
Of Dirt & Grime

Big Wash
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TUF WASH Industrial Strength Hand Cleaner
Tuf Wash is an industrial strength conditioning hand cleaner which easily removes a wide range of soils including grease, grime, soot, ink and other industrial contaminants from the skin.

Lemon scented Tuf Wash provides excellent skin care conditioning with polymer beads that gently massage the skin to help remove ingrained dirt and grease.

Tuf Wash is ideal for rural, industrial and handyman applications.

Conditioning Hand Cleaner
Industrial Strength
Excellent Skin Conditioner

Tuf Wash

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MASTER FLOW Anti-Freeze Anti-Boil Coolant
Master Flow is designed to maintain optimum operating temperature by removing waste heat from the engine and passing it to the air flowing through the radiator.  It also works to prevent the radiator from boiling over or freezing up.

It also protects the metals making up the cooling system from corrosion, radiator core blockages, abrasion of water pump seals and prevention of hot spots. 

Master Flow can be used in a broad range of engine types including:

  • Automotive
  • Diesel (light & heavy duty)
  • Marine
  • Mining & Farm Machinery
Uses Organic Acids
Long Lasting Protection

The Latest Technology
In Coolants.

Master Flow

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WELD GUARD Weld Anti-Spatter
Weld Guard is a premium welding anti-spatter agent. This unique, oil based product is specifically designed to prevent adhesion of molten spatter to metal surfaces during the welding process. Weld Guard is non-flammable and non-corrosive and does not contain any chlorinated solvents or propellents. When used it does not emit a pungent odour.

Regular users of Weld Guard wonder how they ever welded without it. A leader in this specialised technology, and because it is easy to use, Weld Guard takes much of the unnecessary labour out of welding by overcoming many welding problems.

Takes Unnecessary
Labour Out Of

Efficient & Economical

Weld Guard

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TRIBO PLUS Friction Modifier
Tribo Plus significantly reduces metal friction between all moving parts reducing engine wear and saving fuel. Tribo Plus is an oil anti-wear additive that contains a special blend of surface-modifying lubricants and anti-corrosion agents. In motor vehicles, Tribo Plus reduces engine wear, increases power and reduces fuel consumption.

Fuel and running costs are slashed and maintenance overheads and downtime are substantially reduced.   Used in machine shops, in general drilling, tapping, punching, threading and broaching and for low or high speed lathe work.

Reduce Metal Friction
Increase Power

Protects Valuable

Tribo Plus

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CORE SEAL Penetrating Concrete Sealer
Core Seal is a penetrating sealer that works to seal the pores in surfaces that require protection from air, gas and water penetration.  It's aqueous, co-polymer formulation penetrates directly into the surfaces treated to provide a protective seal with a high degree of water resistance, hardness and durability.

Grain handling authorities in Australia have approved the product for use on grain storage flooring.

Penetrating directly into the surface treated, Core Seal's wet white film cures to a non visible satin finish.   For surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, a pigmented coating is recommended as a top coat over Core Seal.

Core Seal is a non toxic, non flammable product and is water based which means easy, safe and economical clean up.

Non-toxic Non-flammable
Safe & Economical Clean Up

A Natural Invisible Barrier for Watertight Protection

Core Seal

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SUPA SEAL Sealer & Reflective Coating
In primary industry, expensive goods, produce and livestock bear the brunt of our extreme weather conditions.  Protection from the moisture of the rain, the heat of the sun and the corrosive nature of various fertilisers is vitally important.  Yet the sheer size of silos, bins and roofs means that coating is often expensive, messy and hazardous.

Now with Liquid Engineering's revolutionary new product, Supa Seal, you can protect your grain silos, roofs, sheds, super, fertiliser, and urea bins safely and economically for up to twenty (20) years.

Supa Seal has been formulated to provide a flexible heat reflective, high build coating to seal and protect using a water based elastomeric acrylic membrane.

Protect Safely & Economically

Guaranteed 10 Years Protection

A Natural Solution for the Forces of Nature

Supa Seal

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MULTI PACK Improve, Protect & Prolong
A range of Liquid Engineering's   750ml products. Containing nine innovative products, the Multipack is all you need to improve, protect and prolong the life of your valuable machinery. All packed into the Willow Carry-All - Yours Free with every Multipack ordered. Great Value
Try Our Range

Multi Pack
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